Countersinking Tool Holder

Countersinking Tool HolderDevelop to meet the specific needs of aerospace manufacturers, the LOXIN line of countersinking heads provides several important capabilities. Unlike other point-of-work devices, the patented LOXIN Countersinking Head requires no manual intervention during the process while remaining automatically tool changeable.

  • Countersinking depth: Today´s aero structures require greater accuracy than ever before, while at the same time presenting new challenges to be met by manufacturers. The LOXIN Countersinking Head´s countersink depth control was develop to meet one of the biggest issues faced today – how to accurately countersink a hole in a material when you do not know the location of the part surface. Composite assemblies are a major culprit due to the inconsistencies of material thickness. The LOXIN Countersinking Head addresses this issue by making contact with the material surface, then countersinking to a pre-established depth. Since the depth is measured as a relative distance between the surface and the countersinking tool, instead of a known position in space, the countersink can be made accurately even if the part moves during the process.
  • Composite dust extraction: The design of the Countersinking Head provides the optimal containment of composite dust by surrounding the cutter while engaging the part. The Countersinking Head, along with the composite vacuum unit, can contain over 98% of composite dust produced during drilling and countersinking operations.
  • Pressure foot: The pneumatically-actuated pressure foot applies the desired amount of force to the working area while drilling or countersinking.
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