Drilling and Riveting Head

The Loxin Drilling and Riveting head integrates the following five functionalities:

  • Visual location of the parts: Non-contact location of the part as well as fastener inspection is completed by the Vision Scout artificial vision system.
  • Drilling and Countersinking: For proper fastener alignment, you must start with an accurate countersink. The LOXIN Automatic Fastening System uses LOXIN Countersinking Heads to drill and countersink the hole, even in areas of unknown surface location or part movement.
  • Measurement of the part stack thickness: With varying material thicknesses combined with tight tolerance requirements for fastener grip length, a measurement of the part stack up is necessary to meet today´s aerospace standards. The LOXIN mechanical grip length measuring device allows for the grip length to be measured for each hole. The data is then sent to the control so that the proper length fastener is sent to the Automatic Fastening System.
  • Sealant Application: Different fastener types require different sealant application processes. The LOXIN Automatic Fastening System applies sealant for blind fasteners to the hole and for Hi-Lok bolts to the bolt shaft. This eliminates the need for manual intervention during the fastening process.
  • Fastener insertion: With the use of a rack-style fastener storage unit and the LOXIN fastener insertion devices, several types of fasteners can be installed automatically. LOXIN engineers develop the fastening insertion devices in-house, allowing the customer´s needs to be addressed for almost any type of fastener.


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