Column Configuration

The Loxin Column machine is the most commonly purchased system from LOXIN.

The horizontal systems currently in the field are involved in a wide array of processes such as Automated Wing Assembly, Aircraft Strut Assembly Drilling and Boring, Composite/Titanium Horizontal Control Assembly drilling and countersinking, Composite/Titanium/Aluminum Door Surround Drilling, and much more.

The horizontal system offers the flexibility to have a moving machine with U, V and W axes while the part or parts remain stationary or to have a mixture where the machine has V and W axes while the part is moved by a pallet system mounted on a U axis. This flexibility allows the customer to tailor the system to fit their need without having to find a different model or supplier.

The design of the horizontal machine includes an automatic tool changer that is mounted to the structure to reduce the amount of time to complete a tool change cycle.

Customers can choose to have their operators ride along on the machine with an onboard operator station or to control one or more systems from a remote command center.

The mechanical design of the horizontal structure uses strong-ribbed welded and stabilized steel plates for maximum stiffness and vibration absorption with minimum weight.

The V-Axis unit is counterbalanced with nitrogen-charged cylinders and is manipulated by a dual ball screws to eliminate twisting through its travel range.

The W-Axis also uses dual ball screws to eliminate skewing through its travel range.

The U-Axis is rack and pinion driven and is mounted on Loxin´s own heavy-duty rail system.

Additional accuracy can be obtained with optional glass scales or laser feedback on any orthogonal axis.



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