Gantry Configuration

The Loxin Gantry machine integrates the tricept module as its primery machining system. The tricept is a five-axes interpolating module that provides a high degree of flexibility and accessibility to the working envelope. It also has an excellent dynamic response in acceleration and speed in all five axes.

The high accuracy of the gantry series is provided by the tricept module, joined with high quality mechanical components of the three orthogonal axes of the gantry.

The tricept gimbal support is located at the front side of the cross beam, evolving from previous version with tricept encapsulated in a massive structure. This provides a more economical solution while ensuring high stiffness and accuracy properties.

The power of the Siemens 840D CNC control allows both the five axes of the Tricept and the three axes of the gantry to maneuver as one. This eight axes configuration seems complicated, but with the advanced Traori 2 GRED function it is as easy as programming any standard five-axis machine on the market today.

The bridge structure (columns and cross beams) is made of strong ribbed welded and stabilized steel plates. This design provides for maximum stiffness and vibration absorption with minimum weight.

This structure offers the following advantages:

  • Heavy weight to support extreme axial and twisting forces
  • Heavy inertial moment which is necessary to support the high accelerations produced by the Tricept
  • High vibration absorption factor






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